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Plateau Electric linemen Joey Zachary and Tyler Newman work on a line improvement project along Annadell Road.

Plateau Electric crews have recently completed major line projects in the Norma and Annadell communities.

The Norma project consisted of re-routing approximately 0.9 miles of three-phase line from the mountainside to the county road right-of-way in order to be able to perform ordinary maintenance and to service the line easier in the event of an outage. The project consisted of relocating the lines to the road including 11 new poles and 13,524 feet of three-phase primary. J

eff Watson, Director of Operations, explained it this way, “Years ago, when our system was built, the cheapest way to build power lines was in a straight line regardless of the terrain. These lines were put in and dug by hand, and the primary consideration was to use the least amount of material. Now that these lines are older, it simply makes sense to relocate them to the roadways wherever possible in order to reduce outage times for our members”.

In addition, a single to three phase conversion has been completed in the Anna Dale community. PEC crews replaced 13 poles, 10 transformers, and added additional fuses to this line.

“This line improvement will increase service reliability and with the additional fuses added will reduce the number of members affected in the event of an outage. It will also enable us to serve portions of the Annadell, Ditney Trail, and the Buffalo Road communities from both our Huntsville and Fairview substations in the event of a major outage”, explained Joel McCartt, Director of Engineering for the Cooperative.

Dave Cross, PEC’s CEO stated that both of the line improvements had been suggested by the Cooperative’s workforce for many years. “Our guys have been really helpful in letting us know what they have felt were some of our system weaknesses and our crews have done an outstanding job in getting the work accomplished, not just quickly, but safely.”

Plateau Electric would like to thank our members for their patience and understanding while these improvements were completed.

Jake Lowe, a fourth-year apprentice lineman at PEC, works on line relocation along Norma Road.




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